Candlewick flower embroidery

Almost 35 years ago I got very intrigued by the hand embroidery technique of candlewicking. The designs were usually done on unbleached muslin. I remember using a candlewick thread and creating a knot that was formed making a figure 8 on the needle and then inserting the needle in the fabric to create the knot. One of my customers bought in a “show and tell”. It was a beautiful spread using the pineapple design.  The candlewick stitch was done by hand and took months to complete.

Someone shared a candlewick knot stitch with me, done by embroidery machine. I was able to copy and paste the knot to create some lovely designs. Hoop a double layer of organza and stitch out the leaf. I then cut out the leaves and stitched them to a felt circle to create the flower. The center can be a button or crystals.