Chromium Sewing machine needles

Chromium needles are for all sewers who want the best.  The chromium needle is recommended for the Singer sewing machine, especially if you are using a built-in needle threader or doing embroidery. The chromium needle has a large eye to make needle threaders work every time. Another great feature is it strength for high speed sewing. We designate Singer Chromium with styles 2000 and 2001. The 2000 is for woven fabrics, things like broadcloth, denim, towels and hats. The tip is sharp. The 2001 is for knits. thing like tee shirts, velour, polar fleece, and double knit. The tip is slightly rounded.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio carries a variety package of needles sizes in each type of Chromium needle. Use the size 11 for light weight fabrics, use the 14 for medium fabrics and a size 16 for heavy weight fabrics.

The Chromium needle can make all the difference in the way the machine performs ! See our special price offers on the Chromium needle. Jenny’s Sewing Studio also offers chromium in bulk pricing.

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