Compucon Stitch N Sew Embroidery

Compucon Stitch N Sew is a  professional embroidery software that is generic to all embroidery machine models. Use the program independently with your Brother, Baby Lock, Singer, Bernina, Janome, Elna, Viking or Pfaff and create lovely embroidery designs. Stitch N Sew saves in all popular formats including DSStitch N Sew embroidery softwareT. Compucon is discontinuing this product in the future.  Jenny’s Sewing Studio has stopped offering the product even through it was a favorite.
Stitch N Sew software is sold as a complete suite or in optional components.  Most Options can be added  to build to the complete suite. When you purchase any option as a stand alone software you will get an editing platform with one block lettering font called “add a font”. Each option is completely editable so you can change size and shape and color. The package also has a CD of instructions so you can get right to creating your embroidery master piece.

Options from Compucon’s Stitch N Sew include Hyper font, Photo stitch, Cross stitch, Auto
Stitch and sew embroidery optionspunch, Designer (manual digitizing) and lettering packages. I have created a video to explain each option on-line.

Shapes for DigitizingThe Designer is a unique option! With this embroidery software you can create outlines, satin lines, free forms and shapes. Create cutwork, applique’, red work and digitize imperfect artwork. The option has a magic wand so you can click on an area and Designer will digitize the line or shape with fill or outline automatically. The Designer comes with an editor to change the fill type, start and stop points, stitch angle and fill shape.

autopunch embroideryAuto Punch is a quick and easy solution to Digitizing. The key is great artwork that is clean and simple. The auto punch will fill the stitches into your design in a instant and match the colors of your artwork. The auto punch fills what it sees. If your artwork is not clean of imperfect pixels and sketchy artwork, than pick the Designer option. The auto punch option also has an editor and an “add a font” feature. Auto punch is fun to use.

lettering in stitch n sewCreative Lettering is a great reason to purchase a font package from Stitch and Sew. Each option comes with an “add a font” text editor. I call it a font engine. This editor allows you to shape and stretch and size your lettering as one design rather than using a copy and paste method. You can keep going back into the wire frame to do corrections and editing. Editing includes outlines and texture.  The ability to create is endless. Stitch and sew has give you 3 choices. You can do 35 font package, a 70 font package and you can do Hyper font. Hyper font is an option that give you the ability to do instant digitizing of all your true type fonts.

photostitch stitch N sew optionPhoto Stitch is a unique auto punch program that instantly takes your photo and makes it into embroidery using the image and the software. Pictures are best done as closeups with a broad contrast between the background and the featured foreground object.
The stitch out results are really incredible.

Cross stitch is the final option that you may want in your embroidery arsenal. Cross stitch wizard is an auto punch program that is great for detailed artwork. Since cross stitch is pixelated, the results pickup lots of the details and make the finished product look hand stitched.

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