Cosplay is definitely exciting sewers

I have noticed in the past few years that costume making is really giving some sewers a new reason to be creative. Since all the comic book movies there has been a reason to pull the sewing machine out and be creative with “wonder woman” or “spider man” or “Star Trek”. The list of costumes is endless and I do not even know half of the recreated characters. I do know that McCall’s and Singer are actively participating in the cosplay sewing venue.

McCalls now has a blog devoted to the cosplay costumes and Singer is sponsoring contests on the best costume. If you are interested in following the latest sewing trend here are some links.

For McCalls blog..  and for a Singer Brand Ambassador


I did notice the use of machine embroidery in many of the costumes. The use of machine embroidery lace is made possible with some special wash away stabilizers. I use to use a lot of organza to make lace when the embroidery was not free standing. Here is a link to some of the stabilizers I sell.

If you need a walking foot for even stitching or a roller foot for vinyl or a gathering foot for sheers or a ruffler for full gathers and tucks, I stock many types of accessory.

Have fun thinking up and designing your costume for the next cosplay meeting.