Custom sewing by Jenny

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers limited custom sewing to our customers. Estimates of sewing work pricing will require an appointment in advance.  Email me at for a discussion on what you would like to have sewn.  Actual estimates will require a personal appointment so I can judge the work to be done.  All materials need to be purchased and delivered before the project is started. If the sewing involved is lengthy, a deposit will be requested. Once the project is finished  I will email, text or call you with the total due. Please plan to pick up and pay for the project within 1 week of notification.

Here are a few projects I will offer to you. The pictures I have provided are for inspiration only. Since the projects are custom the materials and trims can vary.

Prices will depend on whether you provide materials or I supply them. Here are a few ideas. 

  1. Remembrance pillows can be custom made for you to cherish the passing of a loved one.  Depending the materials and your requests, I will provide ideas for you to pick from.  Some customers have provided clothing for me to work with to create the remembrance. Let me create a custom pillow, garment, wall quilt or stuffed toy for you. Prices start at $25.00 a hour plus materials.
  2. Choose a Birth Announcement pillow for parents and grandparents.  I can embroider a personal request like “Cherished child of God” with the child’s name and birth date.
  3. Monogrammed napkins, hankies, towels and pillows. Prices depend again on project and materials and time involved. Monograms will be priced on size and style.
  4. Custom alterations can be scheduled. I charge $25.00 an hour with one hour minimum. Each project will be evaluated for price by the time it will take to do the work. Project can include hems, waistbands, zippers etc. Garments must be clean!  I suggest you bring your inseam, side seam length and finished waist and hip measurement when you bring the items to be shortened, let out or taken in. Any fitting and marking sessions will require an additional $10.00 extra fee per 1/2 hour.
  5. A Christening Gown can be custom made. Supply the materials and pattern or talk to me and I will provide a materials estimate. Slips, bonnets, and gowns are priced by hours taken to complete. Ideas can include embroidery of the name of the child and the date of the event.




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