Digitize with Designer VS Autopunch Stitch N Sew

auto punch cupid

Every time I digitize my embroidery with the Compucon Stitch N Sew Designer I am always pleased with my result.  I can hide all the jump stitches and fill areas with stitches in the order I need. The auto punch is great for clean clip art and fast embroidery but more complex designs require a little extra.

Using the Designer gives me the ability to do running stitches as regular outlines, as satin stitches or triple stitches. I can even use the running stitches with decorative stitches.

Digitized using the Compucon Designer

The auto punch also give you the ability to edit but does not offer the running stitches which I use for cutwork, applique, redwork, quilting and more.

I have included pictures of 2 samples and a free design of our valentine hand digitized cupid for download. To see more information on digitizing click here.

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