Easy placemat sewing project

Fall place mat to sew

To celebrate the current season you can make new place mats for the table and they as easy as one, two, three..!

I used a rounded oval place mat that we already had in the linen closet as a pattern. Trace the place mat shape on a paper bag to make a permanent pattern. Make sure you fold the place mat in half and then in quarters before you cut the pattern. The folding helps you keep the pattern symmetrical. Add 1/4″ to the outside diameter for seam allowance before you cut the shape. Open the folded pattern to check the shape and trim if corrections are needed.

To make sewing the place mat easy,  I use a single faced pre quilted fabric on the reverse side as a lining. Cut the top print in the shape of the place mat. Once the top place mat print is cut, lay the print right sides together on the uncut pre quilted lining. For every 1/2 yard of fabric you can sew 3 place mats across the width of the 45″ fabric. Rough cut the place mat to make sewing the edges easier. Sew the outer edge using a 1/4″ seam (width of the presser foot). Leave a 3 inch opening on one long edge to turn the place mat to the right side. If you own pinking shears you can use them to trim the seam. The pinking shears make trimming curves easier. Turn the place mat so the fabric is on the right side. Roll the edges with your fingers to make sure the edges are turned smoothly and press the place mat with a seam iron to shape. Pin the opening so the edges are folded in and look finished, press. Top stitch the place mat a scant 1/4″ from the edge, on the right side to finish and close the opening. You are done with one. repeat the process to create how many place mats you need.

I hope you have enjoyed our easy sewing project. Join me by enrolling in one on me many sewing classes to learn more at my sewing classes in Salisbury, MD. You can email me at jennyssewing@gmail.com .


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