Embroider a Towel

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has the perfect products to help you embroider a terry towel. Nancy’s Notions has a great video to show you how.  Need the Perfect Placement kit with target stickers and placement templates? Jenny’s has it..

Jenny’s has several ways to help you with lettering. Personalize N Stitch  from Amazing Designs a great lettering program product and gives you wonderful lettering options. You will find 126 lettering styles and 2 monopgram styles in the program. Click on the product link for a free trial.  Others lettering programs that are super deals are Monogram It and Letter It.

Stitch N Sew lettering fonts gives you a font engine plus many ways to customize your lettering. Watch the video to see how. You can pick from 35 or 71 fonts with monogram choices.  Here is a window from Compucon that lets you click on a lettering style and scroll over to see it displayed.  Stitch and Sew lettering and Editing allows you the ability to customize everything. Also look at Hyperfont option which is available as a stand alone from Stitch N Sew. Hyperfont gives you the ability to add True Type fonts to your letter editing program through a wizard. It is so easy.  To purchase any of the Stitch N Sew products click at this link.

Towels can sometimes be very bulky and large so instead of setting them in a hoop it is possible to stick them in place. Mark the center of the towel and use target stitchers to keep the markings accurate. Align the markings with your hoop cross hairs.

For more information about stabilizers click here. Jenny Carries a nice starter kit of the basic stabilizers you will use most. We also carry stabilizers from Madeira and Hoop it all


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