“Give Thanks” Lap Quilt Theme


The Lap Quilter’s are designing a new quilt for 2020 and 2021.

The new theme will be called “Give Thanks”.  The Piece maker Lap Quilters will start the “Give Thanks” Quilt project on October 1st.

Piece maker’s will now meet on the 1st Thursday of the month. You can come on October 1st to discuss how to start your “Give Thanks”quilt. Bring a few 12 ½” pieces of muslin or white fabric for practice of  “Free Motion Applique” to the next class. Bring some Totally Stable for the backing to help sew the applique. Also bring some Wonder Under  for the applique. We can discuss ideas for your quilt and you can get ideas for your free motion applique block.

On a first come first serve basis you can start the “Give Thanks” quilt. I will introduce the Sew Fly and Scrappy quilt groups in January 2021 with their own “Give Thanks” quilt. Anyone who wants to start a “Give Thanks” quilt now can join the Piece makers Thursday group as long as space is available.  If we have enrollment increases, I will add back an extra Thursday class. Techniques will be combined in January 2021 and all groups will be doing the same quilt lesson. I will schedule the 1st and 2nd Thursday of the month for these classes.

I want to apply some “Give Thanks” ideas to lap quilt making. Most of my ideas are notes now. I hope to put them into action soon. I need hear some input from my lap quilters on the “Give Thanks” theme for a new quilt.  “All We Need is Love” and “Give Thanks” are universal. The quilt can grow from whatever is in your heart and how you want to share it. We will start with several sized finished blocks and each block with be worked into the finished quilt later. Think of finished blocks from 6 ½” to 12” to 24” in size. We will combine blocks to work in the 24” size of each block ( add seam allowances). Sizes of quilts can start at 24” and grow to 48” and then 72” and up to 96”. You decide!

Some of the techniques include ink jet fabric printing

I will provide some verses and prayers to use in blocks if you want to add them

Framing and piecing blocks

Hand embroidery with embroidery floss (On a solid muslin type fabric)

Free motion applique

Permanent marker free motion

Watercolor piecing

I will recommend fabrics and supplies you will need to purchase on line and will send links to get “verse” fabric or panels. You will need to buy the supplies as I show them because I can not guarantee they will remain available.

You will need a printer to do some of the work. I can do the block printing but there will be extra charges for the ink used. This quilt will not be washed much so I suggest a wall quilt or guest bed quilt.

If you have an embroidery machine you can use some of my embroidery designs, I will offer them for sale at a very reasonable price in many formats

This quilt would make an excellent fund raiser. I view the quilt as a work of art. If you decide to participate, the group can complete several quilts to donate later for non profits to use as a fund raisers. Each quilt will be different because you will place you own fabrics into the project and learn to design the finished look .

The ideas I present now are just research and inspiration. You will need to purchase extra fabrics (Background about 2 yards, different colors about 1 yard each, one floral fabric 1 yard, border and backing fabric, use the lap quilt book for size, thread and trims. I think the project will take at least 6 months to complete but could be longer. I think you will get a better sense of the project after you first Lap Quilt club meeting on “Giving Thanks”.

Remember the pictures are only for inspiration. We get to design our own blocks.