Heirloom serging by Jenny

Heirloom serger use is fast and easy. I describe heirloom sewing as the creation of decorative fabric. The panel is made up of creative strips That measure about 2″ to 4 “. Join the strips using entrudeax trim. Make the panels as wide as you need them. I make the decorative panels and then cut out the garment from the panel using a commercial pattern. Serger heirloom garments are made using a decorative panel with the serger stitches.

Pintucks- to create pintucks just press in lines where you want the tucks. You can also use your foot as a guide for width. Always sew in the same direction, that means you start the tuck on the same end of the fabric. Pintucks by serger lay in one direction so do a sample to see how they look. Pintucks are created with lines of the rolled hem stitch and used as a decorative effect.

To set your serger for narrow roll hem most serger require you to use a 3 thread narrow setting. Next change the needle plate or pull the stitch finger back. Shorten the stitch length between 2.0 and 1.5 and tighted the lower looper tension.

Bonnets are very easy to make. Create a casing for the ribbon in the back of the bonnet by folding the fabric back to form a casing. Serge the raw edge and fold together and open out to expose the casing. I added a strip of puffing. Puffing is created using the gathering foot to shirr light weight lawn. The ribbon insertion is formed by making a row of wide flat lock. I used the back of flat lock to weave 1/8″ ribbon through. To serge on the flat edge lace I used the narrow roll hem. Making a bonnet is a great way to play with the features of your 3 thread serger. Have fun.

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