Hoop it all makes your embroidery easier

Increase your embroidery hooping area immediately with a hoop it all!

 Even though the design areas remain the same, you can hoop larger areas and slide your way to great designs with very accurate design alignments.

Years ago I made the “Lord’s Prayer” wall quilt that require 5 hoopings with the  regular hoop and 2 hoopings with the super long hoop it all. I have this design for free download if you would like to try the wall quilt.

I have created a new video to show how you can use auto punch software and the hoop it all to create a quilt block.  Using your hoop space for the first design you can “save as” and then copy and paste to create the “look” you would like. Print off the design template, flip and print the template, do several and play with the scotch tape and your templates. I have a new video to show how I created my quilt block for embroidery.  I actually like the “super long” the best of all the hoops. Usually I can make my banners and borders plus I can embroidery one half  or 1/3 of my quilt block at a time. The trace feature on your machine makes the task so easy.

Hoop it all is wonderful for embroidered purse straps, window tie backs, hems, purse borders and more. Designs in Machine Embroidery created a purse and I excuted the strap using my hoop it all super long.

Hoop it all also manufactors a Cap hoop that works great for hat embroidery. Take a look at the video showing the cap hoop.

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