Hoop it all works on all embroidery machines

singer_ce1“Hoop it all” has a hoop for you and Jenny’s Sewing Studio sells the “ Hoop it all “products.  Would you would like an embroidery machine that has a larger hoop? Save money and up grade your exsisting machine with a “hoop it all”.

Hoop it all allows the user to hoop the whole quilt block or banner using stickie paper.  Use templates to align each center point of your design. I print out multiple templates and tape them together to be the correct size of the design. Mark the design centers on your fabric using the template. A unique slider bracket allows the sewer to slide the hoop into position for embroidery. It is so easy. 

Hat hoop
Hat hoop

Hoop it all also has a hat hoop that is available for every home embroidery machine made. For the Singer Futura, use a slide on bracket. The slide on bracket gives the sewer quick release of the hoop and project.

Hoop it all slider

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