Irene has blown by, YA!

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has been dealing with Irene for the last 3 days and are happy to say we have electric and seem to have escaped any major damage.

 I took my mom and dad out and we shopped all morning and afternoon on Thursday and beat the crowd. Got the batteries, milk, bread, water and peanut butter. Friday we worked on the yard and put away the chairs, glass table top, yard ornaments, and more.

The lights blicked all day yesterday. The computer kept going off and on for I changed over to the laptop. About 10:00 pm  last night we heard the roaring of the storm. The eye went by at about 12:00pm about 30 or 40 miles to the east.  This morning lost power again for 30 seconds. It is still blowing hard but the sun is shining. I think we have escaped. Wow, that was intense. I had visions of my car getting a limb through the windshield or blowing away. When Isabelle came through a few years ago I was without power for 3 days.

It is hard to photo a hurricane so I took some before and after pictures. We were blessed!


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