Jenny’s Sewing Studio is teaching sewing and quilting

Are you ready to get out and enjoy the art of sewing? Need lessons? Jenny’s Sewing Studio is making appointments for “One on One ” sewing classes. Learn to sew or quilt. You can bring your machine or use one of mine as you learn. As long as you are healthy, I offer a germ free environment and can wear a mask doing each lesson. Pick your class and I will make an appointment for your sessions on any free day that we both agree on.

Meet Tina, one of my recent beginner students. She and I have had a great time exploring small bags and sewing an apron. We even went on a field trip to Hobby Lobby so she could get advice on buying fabric and notions. It was great fun to get out and explore the fabrics available. We then came back to the studio and use some of the purchased supplies creatively. Here is a quick instructional project sheet for a lined zipper bag you can try.

You can email me at with questions or text me at 410-543-1212