Lap Quilt Club March 28th – Mitered borders, stenciling and the bow tie block

Our next Lap Quilt club meeting is March 28th at the MAC center in the Bradford room at 2pm. To start the meeting we will have a show and tell so all our members can share their quilt projects. Please share what you have done this month! March 28th we will be cover how to apply the borders, miter and then stencil the lap quilt block. The borders are cut 3 1/2″ and with will need 2 – 45″ strips for each block you make. The rotary cutter is the perfect tool for making the borders. I have an Electric quilt stencil program I will demonstrate and I have printed off at least one border stencil you can take home. Next we will make the bow tie block. If you want to try the procedure bring 3 – A squares of a dark and 2 – A squares of a contrast and some straight pins. If time allows, you can practice piecing the block on my machine.

Past lessons of the Lap Quilt club have been created for you to view at this link.  As I created the design and the construction of my personal lap quilt I documented the steps with my cell phone camera. By clicking on the arrows you can move back and forth through the lessons on the web page power point windows. I will put up a power point record of each lesson each month so you can review and keep up with our progress.

All are welcome to our Lap Quilting club sessions. They are lecture demonstration and follow “Lap Quilting” by Georgia Bonesteel book. Used copies of the book are available at

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