Make a Tee Shirt Quilt in Class

Tee shirt quilt- Here is the link to enroll!

This instruction will guide you in the purchase of materials to make a baby or small lap quilt in a tee shirt quilt class. The class will be 2 – 3 hour sessions with home work.

Step one– Each tee shirt would need to the steam pressed and stabilized to cut and sew. I used fusi-knit interfacing and you will need about 8 1/2 yards to complete 20 – 12″ blocks. I oversize the interfacing cuts to 15″ and fuse the interfacing in place. I then cut to fit using a 12 X 12″ ruler or template to be accurate.

Once stabilized, use a square up ruler or a see through ruler to fussy cut each tee shirt to approximately an 12” square.  The remaining tee shirt would be discarded unless you want the scraps.

Step 2- Use a good 100% cotton broadcloth like Kona Bay for the sash.  You would need about 2 1/4 yards per quilt for sash and binding. Cut the fabric into 2 ½ strips to sash the blocks. This size quilt will need 20- 2 1/2 X 45″ strips. Add sashing to the bottom of the first block and every block in that top row. Sew the second row blocks to the first row using the sashing edge. Continue until you have 5 rows of 4 blocks. We will piece the blocks into strips and then join the strips into rows. Make sure you trim the blocks when the sashing is added, so the sides are even. Once you have 5 rows of 4 blocks, piece the rows together. You will have a total of 20 blocks. Add the outside sashing to the top and bottom edges and then to each side for a final frame. The quilt will be approximately 59” X 73”.

Step 3- You would need about 4 yards of 45″ wide double faced prequilted fabric to complete the quilt back.  On Amazon type in “double faced prequilted fabric by the yard”. They have solids and prints available. A seam will run across the back of the quilt. I use the double faced fabric to eliminate the use of batting and backing.  The quilt top will be basted to the backing with safety pins. Minimal outline quilting will be done to hold the layers together using a walking foot.

Step 4– Binding yardage was allowed in the sashing yardage. Cut 8 strips 45” X 3” for binding and piece the strips end to end. Press the binding in half lengthwise.  Fold under one edge of the binding short end to finish the starting point and using a walking foot, piece the binding to the quilt from the wrong side using the width of the walking foot as a guide. Miter the corners.  Fold the folded edge to the right side and press. Pin in place. Top stitch the binding to finish.


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