Mini shoulder purse by Jenny

For Christmas this year I decided to make 15 mini purses for my family and close friends. I am using all decorator scraps I have accumulated in my stash. My idea is to create a small purse that will carry my cell phone, credit cards, coupons and money when I go shopping. I hate to carry big bags where the things i need fall to the bottom and I can not find them when I need them at check out. Now that I am a dedicated Weight Watcher I always need my cell phone to scan food items for points. My cell phone can go right in a small monogrammed pocket. The zipper pocket can hold my money and credit cards. On some of the bags I placed a back pocket to hold coupons. I think it’s perfect.

Here is a gallery of photos to show you my progress. Instructions are also included. If you want to take a one session class with me we can construct a mini purse for you.