My Cat

My stuffed cat project

Pattern pieces are in 3 pieces and the PDF files can be downloaded and printed. I used polar fleece. Place 1/2 yard of fabric in half  with right sides together.  Tape the cat pattern body pieces together and trace the outline of the cat and the tail on the wrong side of your fabric. Stitch the cat and the tail separately. Leave an opening for turning the 2 parts.  Cut out the body and the tail leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance. Turn the  the tail to the right side. Stuff the tail  and leave enough room at the bottom of the tail to sew the tail right sides together to the bottom of the cat body. ( you will have to place the tail inside the cat body to sew the tail to the body. ) Turn the cat body and finish stuffing. Hand stitch the bottom of the body closed.

Cat 1

Cat 2

Cat 3