New Christmas embroidery designs from Jenny

wreathartbellssI was playing around in the Singer Futura software and came up with some brand new Christmas designs for you. They are free! Here is a link! Make sure you sew them out before you place the designs on a project. The Auto punch software is responsible for both designs. I have done both designs in the FHE Futura format. If you have another machine and you want a conversion using the form below and tell me the design you wish and what format you need.

We also sell the Compucon Stitch and Sew embroidery software. This software works with all embroidery machines and saves in your desired format. You can then open the design up in your transfer software or you can place the design on your USB thumb drive for transfer to your machine.  You can buy the auto punch with editing  or the designer with manual digitizing for more precise digitizing. There is a video at the program link for you to watch showing the digitizing process for manual applique digitizing.  If you have questions, email me at the form below.