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Compucon has advised that it is possible for  customers who have the CE-100 or CE-200 to load their software on  the Windows 7 ( 32 and 64 bit) operating system.

In order for this to be possible a customer must purchase the 2.5 Upgrade program.  Once the 2.5 Upgrade program is loaded, the customer will be able to download and then run the Windows 7 patch found under the CE-150/250 service updates. Without the 2.5 Upgrade the CE-100 and CE-200 are NOT compatible with the Windows 7 Operating system at this time.

Customers who have internet connectivity via the computer that their software is loaded on may access the update via the Futura software once the 2.5 upgrade has been loaded.  Click on the “help” icon on the top tool bar, select ” Software Live Update” and then follow the prompts.

Customers who do not have access to internet from their Futura computer can download the update at  Click on “Service Updates”, select CE-150, CE-250 updates, and then select the Windows 7 Update. The 2.5 update must be loaded before this patch will work.

Please advise customers that it is important for them to read through and follow the guidelines provided in order for this update to load correctly.

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