All are welcome! If you sew or quilt now or you are just learning, join Jenny for the 2019 monthly Lap Quilting Club. Club meetings are now held at Jenny’s Sewing Studio in Salisbury, MDThe fee is only $5.00 per meeting and not transferable. Here is a link to read all the current class notes and see where we are in our quilt making progress.

Upcoming Club meetings for 2019 will be October 31st, November 21st ( 3rd Thursday because of Thanksgiving) and December 19th (3rd Thursday because of Christmas). We will start again sessions in 2020 on January 23rd. Time for club is 2:00 pm. The clubs are scheduled every 4th Thursday of the month and the sessions are about 2 hours long. Each session will introduce techniques to help you piece a traditional sampler Lap Quilt. The quilt size you decide to make is up to you.  You can bring a sewing machine or reserve one for the session. You can browse through our Lap Quilt menu, look at the power point notes page and review the Lap Quilt outline page. You can also schedule 2 hour sessions of Lap Quilting lessons. Take as many of these sessions as you need to catch up to the current lesson or  come to the club meeting and start with the current block.