Lap Quilting – Learn to Quilt!



Once you enroll for a Lap Quilting class I will email you a list of supplies needed for each session. You can contact me at or text me at 410-543-1212

Start your Lap Quilting sessions with a “One on One” class with Jenny. You  will cover the equipment and materials needed for templates, blocks, backing and borders.

Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel

Georgia Bonesteel’s Lap Quilt book is required. Find the book on Amazon or For the first session you will need template plastic, scissors to cut the template plastic and to cut fabric, fine tip sharpie black marker, a wash away marker and a straight edge ruler.

Bring 1 yard of at least 4 quilter cotton fabrics to learn about making blocks from templates. Border and backing fabrics will be added later. Fabric requirements will depend on the size quilt you decide to make. Pick one medium print fabric you feel gives you the colors you want to promote in the quilt. Pick 3 other contrast fabrics that blend with the favorite print. Here are samples. You will need to purchase a border fabric for the second lesson. We will discuss the amount in class.

Class is usually one on one.  Time is 2 hours but can extend to 3 depending on the topic covered. Classes are held at 1:30pm unless a change of time is noted by Jenny. Student can schedule classes once a week or once a month depending on the free days available in Jenny’s schedule. It is recommended you schedule and enroll as early as possible to get the time period you need and Jenny can send you a supply list for the block we will be covering.