Lord’s Prayer embroidery in FHE, JEF and PES formats




This embroidery files is in 2 zip files. One zip file contains FHE format designs and one zip file contains JEF and PES formats. Pictures of all the embroidery files are included and can be used as color guides. The Lord’s Prayer is in 5 hoopings. To build a wall quilt of the Lords Prayer, print of a 100% scale print of each design in your software. The print should contain centering cross hairs. Tape the pages together to build a complete Lord’s Prayer design for sizing and positioning. Once the prints are taped together you can mark the cross hairs of each design using an awl to punch a hole on the paper patterns. Mark the fabrics using the dots openings made by the awl. Next use a ruler to connect the marked dots and  draw the cross hairs on your fabric.  Align the hoop for embroidery using the cross hairs.

Special note: I have corrected Lord’s Prayer new 3 file which had a misspell of trespass. I have included the corrected zip file separately in multiple formats. Please eliminate the original file Lord’s prayer 3 new file when you download.