Sewing labor by the hour


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Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers limited custom sewing to our customers. Estimates of sewing work pricing will require an appointment in advance.  Email me at for a discussion on what you would like to have sewn.  Actual estimates will require a personal appointment so I can judge the work to be done.  All materials need to be purchased and delivered before the project is started. Please make sure all items to be sewn or worked on are clean, dirty clothing will not be accepted. If the sewing involved is lengthy, a deposit will be requested. Once the project is finished  I will email, text or call you with the total due. Please plan to pick up and pay for the project within 1 week of notification.
To help customers better understand the fees for custom sewing and alterations I have written a few guidelines. If you wish to schedule a consultation or a sewing help session you can text me at 410 543 1212 or email me at for available dates. No scheduled appointment will be made without prepayment. It is best to email me in advance to make sure I can do the project you request in the time period you need it done in. Not all requests are accepted.
Costs: You will need to do your own shopping for supplies you need to complete the project you want done. Fabric, patterns, notions, laces, linings, interfacing, elastics, velcro, buttons, hooks, zippers, batting, backings, thread and binding etc. are paid in advance by the customer. I will not start a project until the complete list of project supplies are sent or delivered by a scheduled visit. I will be glad to give shopping references and fabric yardage estimates and labor rate estimates with a scheduled visit.
Rate is $50.00 per hour for all quilting and sewing projects, including estimating projects. All appointments are prepaid by enrollment. Since each project is unique, I will need to see the design or pattern and the fabric and consider the size before a final estimate is given. You can email me picture for questions.

All quilting is machine done. I only have the room for quilts up to double size.

Embroidery and Monograms and labels are custom and will be estimated based on the project requested. Customer is responsible for all threads and materials used.

Any fittings will be based on the $50.00 per hour fee and will each be scheduled in advance.
Any hemming needs to be marked with the finished length or the lengths and measurements need to be supplied to do hemming work. Marking and measuring time will be applied to the hour appointment if not done ahead of time. To save money, mark ahead.