Sewing Class update

Barbara has just been to Jenny’s Sewing Studio and has updated her skills. In her first class she wanted to learn buttonholes and setting in a sleeve. A new pajama of super hero’s was then created for her grandson.

This week we worked on bias tape and quilt binding. Barbara made a hand mitt and we both learned that when creating a small curve on the ends it was easier to stay stitch the bias first, clip to the stitching and then pin it in place before sewing. The bias was attached to the wrong side, right sides together, sewing in the fold groove. We then  flipped the folded bias over the edges and steamed the bias in position to top stitch in the ditch. Good job! Great gift project!

   I also pictured a small sample we made of making bias and piecing it. Barbara learned to press and sew the quilt binding to the quilt, mitering the corners. She told me her daughter paid $80.00 to have a quilt bound. I told her it was probably a good price. Next time she could do the job for extra spending money.

I look forward to seeing Barbara again later this summer. She is off on vacation for now!


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