Sewing Classes at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Mildred is creating her new Quick Trip quilt at Jenny’s Sewing Studio in Salisbury, MD. Mildred is one of many new sewing students I have had the pleasure to meet this summer.  Here are some new sewing and serger classes I hope to see you attend. Call 410-677-3461 to enroll at Hancock fabrics. Additional class schedule is at this link.

Serger Christmas stockings workshop– You have just learned to use your serger, let’s keep on going and practice what you learned in serger class. We will create stocking fabric in class using decorative serger techniques.  Make a Seminole pieced stocking using flat lock and embroidery thread on red and green.  3- Hour class. $30.00

Each student will need ½ yard of one Christmas background print and 1/2 yd of fusible fleece or single faced quilted fabric for the body of the stocking and lining. You will need to purchase and coordinate 5 different Christmas prints ¼ yd each.  You will need either 2 red or 2 green serger thread cones. Bring one spool of machine embroidery thread to match the red or green.

Wednesday September 12 1:30-4:30
Sunday December 2 1:00-4pm
My mom is hiding behind this new “Braid in a Day” quilt.
This quilt is so easy to make. You will get a great start on how to create this one of a kind design in our next class.
“Braid in a Day” is a brand new Quilt in a Day quilt pattern. Let’s try it! One jelly roll will create the braids of the quilt or we can send some time at the beginning of the class picking your colors. you will need 9- 1/4yds of fabric plus 1/2yd of lattice, 3/4 yds in other lattice,1 1/2 yds for border and binding and 1 3/8 yds of pre-quilted fabric for back. 1 all day class, $50.00 class fee, fabrics extra. Patterns will be available for purchase from Jenny. You will need a rotarty cutter, a ruler and a washable fabric marker.
Saturday October 13th 10:00 till 4:30
Saturday December 15th 10:00 till 4:30pm


Strip Piecing Purse project- Choose your favorite color combination like black and white, patriotic, fall or Holiday theme for your strip pieced purse. Purchase at least 6 or more ¼ yard fabrics to use in strip piecing your purse.  You will need one yard of double faced base pre quilted fabric for the purse base and pockets and purse handle.
I will help you coordinate your purse and quilt your purse project. Bring your sewing machine, walking foot, open toe foot, rotary cutter and ruler. You will also need a fabric marker or a chalk pencil.  Jenny will make the magnetic snap available. $40.00    1 session 10:00-4:00

Wednesday September 5th 10:00-4:30pm
Wednesday October 24th 10:00-4:30pm


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