Sewing up Fall Accessories

I would like to share the newest creation from Jenny’s Sewing Studio. Here is student Jenny modeling her newest bag. She learned to strip piece quilt and used the warm colors of Fall. Jenny purchased a jelly roll of Fall fabrics cut in 2 1/2″ strips and followed a pattern she purchased on line. We both learned that some fabrics are more stable to quilt on. Instead of using batting alone to strip piece too, the process can be made easier using a piece of pre quilted double or single faced fabric that is cut to the shape of the finished project.  You can then draw lines on one side of the shape to help you place the strips. Once finished stitching the strips in position either diagonally or following a straight edge, the result is a beautiful work of art. Jenny used decorative stitches to add polish to the finished bag. We finished the bag with a lining and handles.

Join me for a class to make your own seasonal bag.