Singer Chromium needles are now clearance priced

assortchrominspiraSinger Chromium needles are now being cleared and replaced by the Inspira needle.  Inspira Titanium is a universal and an embroidery needle and will fit any sewing machine including the Singer model. Built for heavy duty sewing and embroidery the Inspira Titanium needle will replace the Chromium needles when our supply is depleted. Since the Inspira will work with every machine on the home sewing and embroidery market, they will be a more universal choice.

If you would like to stock up on Chromium needles make sure you place an order soon. These needles were made especially for the Singer embroidery machine and  make using the built in needle threader easier. We have the needles all special priced while they last.

Size 80/11 sharp is for the lighter weight fabrics – style 2000 Chromium

Size 90/14 sharp is for medium weight fabrics – style 2000 Chromium

Ball point needles are especially designed for knit fabrics – style 2001 Chromium available in 14/90 and 80/11

Universal needles are a cross between the sharp and ball point needle is an Inspira style available in size 14/90 and 12/80

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