Singer Futura


Jenny offers a one day seminar on how to use the embroidery software for the Singer Futura. Click this link for more information.

Singer now offers many versions of the Futura. Each version varies by software and additional decorative stitches and built in lettering. Singer will help you sort out the machines and lists all the models and features now available. Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers a one day class on how to use the Singer Futura.

Learn the basic program,  Editing, Auto punch, Photo stitch, Hyper Font, and Cross stitch options for your specific Futura. Jenny offers video on how to use the Futura options.

Here is a list of the great features for the Futura.

1. Swift Smart threading! The threading is very easy for both the bobbin case and top threading. (Just like the Singer Curvy)

2. The Futura now has lots of storage. The free arm slide on bed has a flip up unit in the front and back of the arm.

3. The extra wide arm measures 8″ from the needle center to the machine body.

4. The Futura now has adjustable speed and will go really fast or really slow, depending on your needs. I recommend a medium speed.

5. The new hoop is about 10″ X 6″. There is also a 4″ X 4″ hoop. Newer Futura offer the  endless hoop.

6. Needle up – Needle down

7. Twin needle width control button

8. Multi-hooping- The software that is included will automatically split very large designs into multiple hoopings. The software gives you aide in lining up the embroidery segments to recreate the large design.

9. Decorative stitch tie off.

10. Fast forward or reverse in embroidery can be set to run continuous by just pushing in on the needle up or down / the reverse button a second time

11. Embroidery basting stitch built-in

12. Trace feature in machine navigator window

13. Hoops slide on and off. This makes changing fabric very easy.

14. Great spring hoop for easy fabric to hoop setting. Just pop the fabric when you are done and go. The hoop remains set for the next hooping.

singer futura 580