Singer’s 3900 design CD is a great buy!

3900cdcover.jpgImagine having just about any embroidery design that you will need all on one inexpensive CD.

Any sewing machine on the market today can see and read DST designs with conversion software like the PSW, Digitizer Pro, Amazing Box, Designer’s Gallery and the Palette. The Singer 3900 design CD offers you an explosion of design possibilities. Choose from Holiday designs, floral, dogs, wild animals, farm animals, borders, occupational, sea life, rodeo, and more. Jenny has made a video to demonstrate the unique possibilities of this wonderful tool. Just click on this link to watch our video.

quilt.jpgJenny has also made a quilt using a few of the floral motifs. The  Floral Rhapsody quilt is a collection of several quilt block layouts in PDF format that you can print out and use as placement guides to sew out a lovely quilt.  Here is the link to purchase the 3900 design CD. This will make a special gift.




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