Social distancing

Here I am social distancing with some friends. Did not even think about how close we were until I looked at the picture later. These are close friends and we meet twice a week to play mahjong and cards. Not much else for us to do right now. Trying to stay safe.

I just got a new computer and have been working with it for a week trying to get it on line and make sure it is working the way I need it to. It is pretty neat. It is an all in one desk top from Dell and it has a built in camera for photos and video built in. That is how I took this picture. It is kind of like my laptop only bigger. The new computer has no disc drive. I also had to add a portable CD / DVD rom drive to add old programs. Have not bought a new computer for business in almost 9 years. This whole new computer process will take a while to iron out. My old computer is died as Dell tried to transfer data to the new computer.

This is my first post from the new computer and it is working… ya!