Stitch it Straight and Snap Ease

CNPISstitchitstraightStitch It Straight is formerly the Embroider’s Friend!  This is a great tool for the person who loves machine embroidery and is looking for a tool to make positioning more professional and accurate. The “Stitch it Straight” holds all brands and sizes of hoops exactly in position and perfectly straight for all flat items and women and mens garments. Table lip fits securely in place on the edge of a table. Grooved center line aids in keeping the garment straight. Universal brackets hold most hoops in position for accurate hooping. Works with the Snap Ease. Formerly “Embroider’s Friend”. To see how the Stitch it Straight works watch the video produced by Embroider’s Friend.

CNSEZL tacony The SNAP EASE ( standard size)- This Embroidery Accessory eases the stress of hand hooping with household embroidery machine hoops. It cuts the fatigue of hooping, reduces the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome and simplifies alignment of your work. No more tired and sore hands, wrists and forearms from hand hooping. Use the Snappy with almost all brands of household embroidery machines.  Also in Large hoop size. Watch the video to the formerly Snappy to see how this tool works.

Embroidery Placement tool is a must have product for all who want to embroider shirts, tees and blouses. It provides perfect industry standard positioning for left chest, center front and other embroidery placements. It comes in adult and child’s sizes.

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