Taking a class at Wor Wic Tech

I have just finished a class on Windows 8 at Wor Wic Tech and really enjoyed using the new Windows browser.

Some neat new tricks can be achieved with applications on your computer. The new Windows 8 system is an extremely different way to use the computer. The apps are called tiles and can be grouped, added or removed to give your computer the personalized appearance. The apps take you to the internet, news, weather, or to use of your games, or office programs instantly. Using your mouse you would scroll the app to see the “whole information ” or with a touch screen you would swipe to see the entire screen. To get back to the start menu tap on your windows key on the keyboard or swipe to the lower left and see you start menu and touch it to find home.

Touching the Windows button on my key board always brings me back to the  start menu if I get lost. 

Windows 7 is also running on the desktop. The desktop is available as an app. If you enter the internet from Windows 7 the title bar look more traditional.  You can pin tabs to the bottom of your screen for easy access to programs and sites you love to use.

One of the uses of Windows 8 is to interconnect many computer devices into one by using the cloud to store information that each device can see at any time. If you have a cellphone, a computer, or a tablet they all will benefit. I have yet to explore this.

I love Skype. I have found that calling people lately on the phone is hard because the sound quality is poor. I have been struggling to hear what they are saying. With Skype and my head set I can dial them up through my computer and have a very comfortable conversation.  Email me and I will call you when I am on-line. jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com

I have found most of the software I owned need a new driver for windows 8 so ask your manufactor for more information. Both Singer and Compucon Stitch and Sew have upgraded me to Windows 8 with new drivers.

I still am working on the email. I am not comfortable with any one  new email browser. I will let you know what I find out as I discover the new system. I have been working on it since November.  In April Wor Wic will offer more on Windows 8 and I plan to be in the front row of class.

Till then….


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