The Golden Rules

jennyThe Golden Rules to live by.  I hope you will not think me too pious, but I think it would be fun to look at what good manners are acceptable today. I wanted to get it right so I purchased several books on etiquette by several well known authors. I have been reading and reviewing and thought it might be fun to explore some new thoughts on manners.

As a child, I was introduced to Girl Scouts which I think really gave me a great learning experience. We learned social graces and how to be prepared. Our Girl Scouts leaders made sure we ere exposed to dance, art, crafts, gardening, nature, fitness, sewing, reading,camping, and more.  

I became a Home Economist. We learned to shop for food, budget, home management, cooking, design, color, clothing construction, and how to make informed decisions.  Parents, leaders, teachers, and Sunday school  took the time to teach us how to grow up in society and what was considered good manners. We learn the difference between right and wrong and how to love our neighbors as ourselves.

I was not wealthy with money but wealthy in love and support. My family showed how to appreciate those people around me.

I realize not everyone had the advantages I did. I meet very nice people and am grateful for all my friends.

Now days, as I walk or drive in my own city I often wonder who knows what are acceptable manners. It often thrills me when someone shows me an act of kindness, like holding a door, or saying “Have a nice day”. When people smile, stop their car so I can take my mom across the street or a waitress acknowledges me as being a customer and remembers my order I am grateful. Thank you! I want more!


Driving is a subject that need further exploration. I do not drive as much as I use to. One reason is cost and another is fear. I see so many drivers putting my life at risk using a cell phone, reckless driving, speeding, and using a large vehicles to dominate the highway, it is scary! I have seen things I never though possible on the road. I have been harassed for just driving the speed limit or stopping at a stop light. I am clearly in their way when they flash me 20 or 30 times with their headlights they almost paralyze me. I do move over when I can to let them by, but when you are passed on the right using a down ramp as clearance or when a driver decides to turn right on red and circles around you because you are not turning right on red, I realize I am not safe while driving. I do not want to die on the road.  Some drivers are only considering their needs as they whip through traffic. I can only pray these drivers will slow down and consider everyone on the road.

I use to read Emily Post. Please feel free to comment on each new thought on manners.

Here is my first thought for the day ….

The golden rule! Treat others as you would want to be treated!

Imagine if we all did this, there would be no need for the News!

I bet you can not wait for my second rule on manners! Stay tuned..

Well you might call the next rules pet peeves.  This is the most political I get.

Rule #2    Do not talk about other people, especially your friends. Usually people who talk about others will talk about you. This is a rule I have to remember as I have been guilty of breaking it.

Rule #3– If you can’t say something good about someone, do not say anything!

 Rule #4– If you are able bodied, give your seat to an elderly or handicap person. They might not be able to stand. If you can, stand so they can sit.

Rule #5– Consider your actions  and how they affect the people around you. The news has told us over and over that texting or talking on the phone while driving can kill.  I know they are thinking “I will only be a minute” or “I need to take this call!” The nice thing about cell phones is you can see who called anytime you want to look and they can always leave a message.

Rule #6- We should have a whole book on how to use a cell phone in society. Cell phones should stay out of sight in public when you are sharing the space with others. In the doctor’s office, in a restaurant, with your family and friends it is really impolite to pull out a cell phone when the focus should be your guests or friend or the people around you.  Silence is golden.

Rule#6– Children should be seen and not heard. If your child start screaming in public, find them a quiet place. If someone pays for a nice dinner out, they do not want to listen to a screaming child. That is probably why they are having a nice dinner out.


Comment: I don’t know if I agree children should be seen not heard. My sister’s and brothers children were the best behaved and silent children I’ve seen. These are my older siblings who prescribed to the seen not heard rule.the only problem with the children was they were so guarded they never talked or relaxed and acted like children. I missed that playing around, even horsing around. Also it put me in a category of older person that the children never grew out of. They still seem to act as if they have to watch themselves around me and they are in their twenties.

Jenny’s answer – I should have said – in public, manners matter. At home kids can be kids. Children model parents, so teach them well. My mom did make us sit at the dinner table until all members of the family were finished and we learned to talk to the family at meals. We had chores to do. My mom taught me to dust and clean my room by the time I was in 3rd grade. There was no “horsing around” in side the house because we did not have a lot of money to replace or repair items we might mess up and we had to be clean to sit on furniture. It was not bad, both my brothers and I knew what my mom and dad wanted. We could play with games, dolls, trucks, blocks, and even watch TV. It all goes back to the word respecting others. It is nice when kids learn how to behave at an early age when in public. We had plenty of play in and out of the house.  I do not remember a day that we stayed in the house, even in the winter.  I remember fishing, playing in the yard and woods, swinging, riding my bike, playing with the dogs, and we were not quiet when we were playing.  I just think kids need to understand etiquette and practice it.

Time: January 31, 2016 at 4:58 pm

Comment- Comment: JENNY I am with you on these.

Rule #7- Do not litter!  Do not poison the earth. Pick it up. thSIH41RZ8I really hate the way the roads look with waste and trash everywhere.

Rule #8– I have recently decided talking about politics and religion in public is really bad manners. If you want to debate politics, do it in a forum where people agree with you. It will make you feel better.

Rule#9 – No one knows everything. I think it is wise to listen, think, and then if you have to speak, compromise to make peace! Life is too short.

Rule #10 – Respect your elders, parents and grandparents! Visits are wonderful for elderly friends and family members. They will need compliant because they know the younger members are busy but make time. They might not be there when you have the time.