The Piecemaker Quilters

The Piecemakers! A new name for our 4th Thursday Lap Quilter group at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. We voted to adopt the new name so that there would be less confusion about the Lap Quilt groups at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. Right now the group is closed to enrollment. The Piecemakers are Diane, Jane, Jennifer, Sashi, Sharon and Faye. Here is an update on what the group did at their January 2, 2020 meeting.

The first thing we did was admire all the work that Sashi has put into her king size Lap Quilt. She has 36 blocks done and is in the process of assembling the quilt.  I have also included a picture of Jane’s quilt in assembly stage. Here are pictures of the quilters Jennifer, Sashi, Diane, and Jane at our January 2nd 2020 meeting.

We spend the rest of the meeting working on Paper Piecing. It was a challenge. Once you do one paper pieced block you want to do more. I just purchased EQ8 which has lot of paper pieced patterns.  I am going to make a table runner of the upcoming seasons in 6″ paper pieced blocks.

Here are some of the ideas:

Our next meeting is February 27th. We will be doing a more difficult paper pieced pattern.

If you are a member of Piecemaker Lap Quilter’s and want to join Sharon on Sunday Jan 12th, she has scheduled a makeup session. Send me an email at