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The Singer Futura – Below are some of the video I have made and I have linked from Singer.  Remember some of these video are older so be kind with your critics. The video are free and here for you to learn from.


The Futura now features the endless hoop for border embroidery.

Here is an article on the endless hoop and

Video Using the endless hoop by Jenny

Singer Video on the Futura

#1 The endless hoopendless hoop alignment

#2 Threading the Futura

#3 Features of the Quintet

#4 Multi hooping

#5 Preparing the Futura for embroidery

#6 Stabilizers

Video Lessons on the Futura Software by Jenny


Program Basics

photo stitch option

Internet and support Basics

Draw Program


Auto Punch



Photo Stitch

Hat Hoop
Here are some Futura Projects

Luggage tag



The best place tfutura cosmetic bago start learning about the Singer Futura is to visit Try out this great cosmetic bag written by Singer.

  Jenny’s Sewing Studio now does a “one on one” all day class on the Futura.

embroidery made easy

Singer has published a newsletter on the Singer Futura with projects and lessons. Here is a link to Embroidery Made Easy!

Facebook at Jenny's“Like” our face book page by following our link. Jenny’s Sewing Studio  has a page on Facebook dedicated to Singer Futura Embroidery. The discussions will focus on Singer Futura Embroidery. All Futura will be covered. Like us today and follow our discussions.

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