Applique and machine embroidery

I found that if I take a square of stabilized fabric to fit the machine hoop and embroider it in the middle, I can create a wonderful embroidered applique’ using Wonder Under. When I use the Wonder Under and trace the applique’ shape on the rough side of the fusible webbing using a permanent marker, I can bond the Wonder Under to the wrong side of the applique’.  The marker will leave trace line I can cut out.  I now have a fusible patch I can bond to a back ground fabric.

Here is an embroidered heart quilt I created a few years ago.  I used decorative stitches to decorate the edges of each applique’.  Fuse and Tear is a great stabilizer for the embroidery and applique. It gives the right firmness to the fabric background for you to sew any decorative or zig-zag stitch you wish to use.  You can create many unique appliques this way.  Add crystals, lace and ribbon.  I have included my pattern so you can try the hearts applique’.


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