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Jenny’s Shopping Cart is loaded with great sewing and embroidery help, projects, classes and ideas. This page should help you find your way to the service or products you need.

Check out all the Sewing Classes offered at 1030 South Schumaker Dr in Salisbury, MD. Enroll Now by using the links at the cart. Jenny will email you  to confirm and schedule a date you need for our “One on One”  classes once you enroll.

Jenny offers many inexpensive video lessons for you to download and watch instantly! We will be constantly adding new videos so check back often and sign up for our blog newsletter.

Projects and Patterns are now available for you to download and use right now! Try our quilted fabric purse or backpack. Learn to applique and make a beautiful wall quilt. There are a lot of ideas for you to try and many more on the way.

Embroidery Designs are also available for purchase. These designs are some of my favorite designs and ideas. Choose from several candle wicking ideas. Do not miss the applique and ornaments. I also have a complete script monogram series.

If you require sewing help I also have a link for you to visit.

Sewing machine parts are going to remain part of my Zen shopping cart and all remaining stock is 50% off!