Free Projects from Jenny’s classroom

See Jenny’s Sewing Studio free classroom projects. Jenny also offers patterns and projects at this link. Have fun sewing.

Over the last 35 years I have been teaching sewing, quilting and embroidery at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. Some of our classes offer projects with free instruction. I have tried to share most of the past projects on this blog so you can download basic instructions to try, even if you can not come to class.

Click on the pictures and most project instructions are attached.  Some projects instructions are only picture inspiration.  I hope you will be able to enjoy the sewing projects. In some cases there are 2 or 3 pictures of the same project. That is because there are also patterns attached. Remember if you have trouble following the instruction you can email me for help or you can enroll for a local class.


Canvas Tote



FlatLock Serger Stocking instructions
Stocking pattern
ready to sew
Stain Glass Purse
yellow pillow
Decorator pillow with piping
pillow wrap zig zag
Pillow wrap
fish quilt
Under the sea wall quilt instructions
fish quilt
fish images to print
fish quilt
sea chest image to print
Embroidery and applique quilt. Designs are from the 3900 design CD which is available at Jenny’s.



flower applique
applique image
center and 2 rounds
reversible placemat
strip pieced and applique placemat
sewing machine cover
Easter egg placemat
easter egg placemat
Heart placemat
heart applique placemat
heart applique
heart applique placemat
Heart applique Quilt
Cathedral quilt
Granny square
mom 400
Polar fleece Wrap
strip piece 2
Strip piece purse


Serger baby Bonnet



strip piece




Cardinal Applique Wall quilt pattern

Now available as a $5.00 downloadable pattern.

Cardinal applique quilt