Learn to Sew!

Learn to Sew with Jenny! Sewing is a life long passion of mine, it also is a large part of me. I have been sewing since I was about 8 or 9 years old, over 64 years. If I could not sew I think I would not be me.  Why do I like sewing so much? These are some ideas to ponder!

1. I can be creative in my clothing and in my decor. Sewing is fun. I dream it, I can create it.

2. I can share a little of myself with others and that makes me feel good!

3. Sewing can make living more affordable! This past Christmas I made 15 gifts for my friends and family and all it cost me was time. I used scraps from my fabric stash. I can sew my own curtains and drapes and comforters. I can do much, much more.

4. I can sew a wardrobe that is different from anyone else. I do not like to see myself walking down the street.

5. Sewing can help me maintain my wardrobe and repairs needed in the house.

6. Sewing is a stress reliever, I can go into another world for a few hours. Calgon take me away!

7. Sewing helps me be productive and sometimes I can make money sewing.

Sewing helps me meet new sewing friends.


How do you start learning to sew? Here are some ideas for easy sewing crafts that help you practice sewing skills. Sewing is a learned skill and the more you do the better you will become.

  1. Learn your machine, Learn how to thread it and do some of the built-in features. Learn the accessories and what they do. You can take a “One on One” class from me or you might find some instruction “On Line”.
  2. Learn to make a straight stitch and practice a 5/8″ standard seam and reverse. Practice a 1/4″ seam which is used in a lot of crafts and quilting. Try to pivot a corner. A great project to try is a pin cushion from 2 squares of fabric. You can get fancy or keep this simple. Pin cushions make great gifts. I always add some decorative stitching.
  3. Learn to put in a zipper closure. I usually start students on a craft style zipper insertion. We make a little zipper bag.
  4. Practice the skills you have learned and try a bigger project like a 16″ pillow. I usually add the skill of piping to the project.
  5. Learn to applique as a form of decoration. Use the zigzag or a blanket stitch. You can make an applique pillow. Practice, practice.
  6. A pillow case is also an excellent project to try.
  7. Learn to bind an edge. You can use single faced binding on a faced edge or you can make your own binding. Start with a straight edge binding and then try a bias binding. The iron is your friend when working with binding. I have a few projects for binding. One project is a mini purse for shopping. Another project might be a decorative hanger for jewelry storage in the closet.
  8. I like to quilt my own fabric. Strip piecing is an easy way to learn quilting. Try a place mat. Bind the place mat or line it. Learn to press and top stitch.

Most of these ideas do not involve patterns or clothing. If you think you want to learn to sew your own clothing you will need to learn to read a pattern and size yourself or others. Contact me for information on Beginning Sewing.

My name is Jennifer Friedel. I am a native to the Delmarva Peninsula. I received a B.S. degree in Home Economics and Fashion Merchandising from Radford University in Radford, Va. in 1972. After graduation, I worked as an educator, educational supervisor and a national educational coordinator and store manager for the Singer company.  I have been associated with Singer over 45 years.

In 1982, I opened Jenny’s Sewing Studio in Salisbury, Md. offering sewing machines, classes, service, sewing machine parts, fabrics and notions. In 2008 I closed my “brick and mortar” store.  Jenny’s Sewing Studio was then a virtual shop for the sewing consumer. I offer on-line education on “You Tube” and on our Blog web site. Sewing and embroidery products were available at the Jenny’s Sewing Studio on-line store.  Jenny’s has been on-line since 1995.

I now teach “one on one” sewing instruction at my home by appointment only!  I teach over 20 different classes and have had students from as far away as Poland and Mexico. You can find a list of classes at this web link

If you would like to contact me, use my email service for best results. Email is jennyssewing@gmail.com. You can also text me at 410 543 1212. You can sign up for my monthly newsletter and blog articles to stay up to date with events at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. Link for the newsletter is below. You can sign up for my blog at



Here are pictures of some of my easy sewing projects!