Mom’s 98th Birthday Party

Mom had her 98th birthday party and a lot of her friends came to celebrate. She got balloons, and flowers and card plus a lot of junk food like cake, candy, donuts, ice cream. Mom had a smile for everyone who visited her. I met Helen early in the morning and we set up her room to receive guests. She  saw Helen, Barbara, Faith, Sandy, Cheryl, Kay, Jim, Karen, Carol, Jane, Lisa, Jackie, and even Jenna and Beth from Aqua care came. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presents and your visits and hugs. By the end of the day she was really tired so I left her to sleep so she can celebrate a little tomorrow when her grandson comes. Her other grandsons, Carol  and family Jason, Penny, Valerie and Andrew spent time with her on Saturday. My brother Jim is with her too. We even called her brother Billy to join in. Thank you to the nurses who made her birthday cards and birthday notes. I wish I could have gotten a picture of all her visitors on this special day.

My mom is Kidney failure so you made her birthday a special day and one I will never forget. Every moment is special.I never got to say goodbye to my dad so this was the nicest gift ever.  If you know my mom an want to visit she will be ready for visits after 2pm tomorrow! ( you can click on the pictures to see them up close and scroll sideways through them.)

Love to all, Jenny