Learn to Quilt

Want to learn to quilt? When you say quilting it can mean many different things. Here is where I will start:

  1. Piecing a traditional quilt top and putting 3 layers together to finish the project is what comes to mind for most. The three layers are the top, batting and backing. Most quilts are bound on the edge for a finish.
  2. Quilting is the act of putting the three layers together.
  3. I like to use my sewing machine to quilt. Some like the craft of hand sewing the 3 layers. Some use a frame to hold the quilt layers as the quilting is done. I use safety pins to hold the 3 layers even before I use my machine to quilt.
  4. You can use stipple or outline quilting or you can use a stencil to mark a design on the quilt top.
  5. I use the free motion foot and move my fabric under the machine by drawing my quilt design with the machine straight stitch.
  6. You can also use a walking foot for even feed on the top and bottom layers as you machine quilt.
  7. Quilting can be done to finish clothing, purses, pillows, wall hangings, bedspreads and more.
  8. I like to start learning on something small so I can finish and see the result of my time investment. The more I practice the skill of quilting, the better I become and the bigger the project I will try.
  9. Take a quilting class with Jenny.

Consider these easy projects as you develop your quilting skills.

  1. Learn to strip piece and quilt place mats. Place mats and pillow tops are nice small projects and usually the finish projects will give you a great sense of accomplishment. I will show you a few ideas you can try.
  2. Learn to free motion quilt pre-printed fabrics.
  3. Try an Eleanor Burns Log Cabin “Quilt in a Day”. Do the wall quilt or baby quilt to learn the easy strip piece technique. Try the Quick Trip Quilt!
  4. Learn to use the rotary cutter.
  5. Use your serger for accurate strip piecing.
  6. Learn to do applique
  7. Add machine embroidery
  8. Learn to do crazy quilting with scraps.


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