Sew many pockets purse

Here is a great purse for someone who needs to carry a lot of items and needs some way to organize them.  The purse is formed by cutting a 1 1/2 yard double faced quilted fabric approximately 14″ wide by 54″. The deep bound side pocket were formed by folding the ends to the center to form pockets about 14″ deep. Size can vary. Invent side pockets with zippers as I did or try patch pockets.  These photos are sewing ideas and construction options. Create your own purse. To finish this style you will need side straps or ties to hold the 2 folded sides  together.  You can let the pockets expand when you stuff the purse with tablets, phones, credit cards, coupons, medical information, tissues and more. You will also need a handle. Invent and have fun.