Log Cabin Quilt class


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Log Cabin Quilt Class – Beginner level!
2 classes -3 hour sessions each class

This class is a great way to start quilting. Use either your serger or your sewing machine to make this fun, fast and easy quilt. You will need to purchase your fabrics, thread (all purpose polyester sewing thread) and book before class. The quilt will measure 54″ X 68″ and is known as a Lap Quilt or Baby Quilt. The quilt traditionally has a light side which can be 3 different fabric prints and 3 dark prints. These light and dark prints are attached to a bright center block. To help you pick fabrics pick a theme like “baby” or “team” or a color that will blend into your home.

Bring the following to the first class: For the Center square 1/8 yd, for the light light 1/3 yd, 2nd light 1/2 yd, 3rd light 2/3yd, for the 1st dark 3/8 yd, 2nd dark 5/8 yd, and 3rd dark 2/3 yd. Borders can be chosen from the light and dark prints. Add 5/8yd for the first border, 1 yard for the second border and 2/3 yard for the binding. Ask the fabric store to cut each piece separately and mark them as 1st light, 2nd, 3rd, border etc.. (NO PLAIDS) We will cut the strips and borders in class. You can make any size but it is strongly suggested you start small so you can finish during the session. Homework will be needed to complete the quilt top.
( see the photos below from quilt color ideas)

Double faced or Single faced quilted fabric is suggested for batting and backing combo. (purchase this after the first lesson.) The Log Cabin “Quilt in a Day” book is required. The book can be purchased at Quilt In A Day or on Amazon.com at a cost of $18.95.

Time allowed to complete most of quilt top for a lap size quilt.
Bring your machine or serger, I suggest white or off white all purpose Polyester thread for your machine, scissors for trimming and cutting fabric, pins, Log Cabin book, ¼” foot. We will provide an iron. If you need a foot or a machine tell me in comments and one will be provided to use in class.

See you there. Class held in 2-3 hour sessions. Classes held at Jenny’s Sewing Studio at 1030 South Schumaker Dr in Salisbury, MD 21804. You can email me at jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com or text me at 410-543-1212 with scheduling or class questions. Classes are held from 1:30pm to 4:30pm on any free day by appointment only.