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updates.jpgFUTURA Live Update Copyright © 2008 Compucon s.a.

I thought you might like to see the current updates for the Futura 3 software. You can update your older CE 100 and 200 software to accept these live updates on line by purchasing the update at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. Read on! Just connect to the internet and when you turn on your Futura set the update option in your help menu. When updates are available they are automatic both for the machine and the software. As I read the updates listed below I also saw where you can actually turn on a troubleshooting program that will gather info on your machine and computer and software that can be sent by email to the company for answers. Wow!! Read all about it below!


Improvements and corrections for Live Update

We are pleased to announce the release of the new software update version, focusing on a number of corrections – as indicated by the feedback received by our valued customers.

The following revisions have been made to the software:

1. Correction for capability to use ‘Helvetica’ as a two-colored font properly.

2. Handling case of importing of a library design that includes stitch types not supported by the software, such blocks will be converted to default stitch type.

3. Design ‘Fruits_l002’ (pineapple) in the library was edited to a different stitch type, included within FUTURA software.

4. Fix of malfunction in case of getting back to Manual settings after selecting specific Fabric settings in the AutoPunch wizard, to then allow correct manual input.

5. Fixed specific inconsistence in case of deleting a group of objects.

6. Fixed case of inconsistence for rulers when opened again, after having been switched off.

7. Correction on case of illegal operation error appearing when design sewing is not completed.We appreciate your feedback and comments; please continue to send any reports to .

We hope you enjoy working with the SINGER FUTURA product!

Please find below the series of corrections and improvements performed with previous Live Updates (all

included within

Improvements and corrections for Live Update

1.Correction for CE-150/CE-250 software to allow opening of the embroidery settings window when in Lettering mode, in order to set values as needed.

2. Correction in ‘Repeat’ function, in case of choosing to have several vertical repetitions with vertical mirroring, where the offset between the parts was improperly applied. Also fixed case of some parts of a design not being repeated, while having auto color-sort checked.

„X Fix for open and preview of certain old FUTURA designs through Open file function.

3. Correction on some library designs to allow proper resizing.

4. Improvement on performance of ‘Stitches to Blocks’ function, especially on large and complicated designs, along with correction to display all generated parts correctly in the ‘Color block list’.

5. Improvement on application of Elastic step/Pattern step stitch type on branches of text blocks.

6. Optimisation of software functioning in case the PC the software is running on is recovering from sleeping mode (especially the case for laptop PC’s).

7. It is highly recommended that you shut down the software before allowing the PC to go into sleeping mode.

Improvements and corrections for Live Update

1. Inserting a color stop between a design and lettering while in the text portion of the software.

2. Reordering colors in the color block list while in the design library portion of the software.

3. Reordering text blocks in the color block list while in the text portion of the software.

4. Assigning special stitch types for text blocks while in the creation stage.

5. Improved stability for Embroidery Settings Panel while switching between different modes.

FUTURA Live Update Copyright © 2008 Compucon s.a.

Improvements and revisions for Live Update

1. New “Split text to character” function added into the list of available drop down options from the “Design” menu.

2. Choosing to ‘Split text to characters’ will allow separate editing of letters of a text object; please note however that after doing this, it will not be possible to edit the specific text object as a whole in the lettering wire frame mode.

3. Added capability to change the size of individual lettering objects, without having to split these to characters

4. Added capability to repeat lettering objects, without having to split these to characters

5. Troubleshooting utility: internal enhancement to collect even further details and feedback.

6. In addition, a variety of minor corrections were performed on various parts of the software.

7. Also, further optimization of software to enhance stability and performance.

8. New attributes implemented into the Lettering ‘Embroidery settings’ windows, such as being able to define the color, type and width of the automatic outline. This has been included for any kind of embroidery fill type, such as Satin fill, and Column fill.

9. Further enhancements in options related to selection of objects:  Added capability to select individual parts of the same color block.  You may also select separate letters of a specific text object

10. Link to Text properties dialog box available from the Lettering toolbar, was modified to directly open up the Embroidery settings panel – instead of a separate dialogue box that was used to open it up before.

FUTURA Live Update Copyright © 2008 Compucon s.a.


Improvements and correction for Live Update

1. Fixed bug in the colors block list. The sequence of the color blocks in the color block list was wrong, if more than 1 design was pasted, blocks of the design N mistakenly appeared before blocks of design N-1.

2. From submenu Windows the item ‘Arrange icons’ has been removed, as it does not apply in case of the FUTURA software.

3. Palette ‘Robinson-Anton’ has been fixed to appear correctly.

4. Palette bar (Stitch colors) and color block list content and sequence of color blocks were synchronized if blocks were reordered or colors were changed.

5. Fixed problem for lettering reordering in the color block list

6.  Inserted ability to add automatic outline to characters from with Lettering.

7. Product Version has been changed to

8. Function “What’s New” is added to Help submenu, clicking on this will directly load this .pdf file.

(‘Acrobat Reader’ required to be installed)

9.  ‘Troubleshooting utility’ has been released and also included into the set-up of the FUTURA product.

10.The FUTURA ‘Troubleshooting utility’ has been designed as a tool that will allow even better and faster support, by compiling, collecting and allowing to directly send as a mail, all information coming from a customer’s PC, including information related to the FUTURA software along with generic information of the specific computer.

In order to run the FUTURA ‘Troubleshooting utility’ please browse to the folder where FUTURA is installed (default folder is ‘C:\FUTURA 3\’) and run the file ‘TroubleshootUtility.exe’ – the following

window will open

Simply click on ‘Collect data and send’ and wait until the utility has collected all necessary data, after which these will automatically be attached to an e-mail. Please send this mail to the e-mail address automatically indicated, along with details and a description of the issue that you are facing.

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