Beginning sewing projects

The best way to Learn to Sew is to practice.  The cold winter months really give us time to do just that.  Jenny’s Sewing Studio will help you make a plan…!

If you need to learn to use a new sewing machine, serger or embroidery machine you got for Christmas, I have the perfect class for you. Instructional lessons are usually 2 hours and I will steer you through the instruction book and get you ready for your upcoming sewing projects.

Start with Beginner Sewing 2 lesson class to learn the basics of sewing and reading a pattern. We will make 3 projects to get you started.

Here are some easy sewing project ideas I found on-line to inspire you. Most of these projects will use scraps of fabric. They also make great in expensive gifts. One of my favorite web sites is Sew4Home with lots of free project ideas. Also make sure you look at some of my free sewing project patterns. Check back often for more ideas to come.