When shopping for a sewing machine, Brother sewing machines are on your side

Occassionally I teach customers to sew locally in my small shop.  My first step is to teach the machine each customer owns and what it will do for them. Since most of my sales are on-line I do not always get to sew on every machine I sell. Recently I did experience the Brother Project Runway PC-420 and 210 machines. I was quite impressed with the features offered.

Both machines are electronic which makes the selection of stitches so easy. I definiately recommend electronic sewing to anyone learning to sew. You can choose 50 stitches or 294 stitches from these Brothers, depending on your needs.  Both machines offer an auto threader which is great for aging eyes and bi focals. I used the needle up and down to pivot corners when top stitching.  On the PR420 the knee bar, thread cutter, and built in lettering made this machine a value plus.

I can tell you the customer were overjoyed with machines. It pays to learn to use your machine with a professional. It expands your appreciation for the product you have and makes the features come alive.  Seeing and doing sold me and my customers on these Brother products and put the machines in the perfect catagory.

The new Brother Project Runway machines sew circles around machines that cost as much as $2,200 but they cost a lot less. The Brother PC-420PRW Project Runway Limited Edition PC-420PR with programmable thread trimmer, cuts the upper and lower thread at the end of each task. Customization abounds with this machine leaving you the opportunity to sew any project you can imagine! The PC-420 sells for $499.99. The  sister Brother Project Runway Limited Edition PC-210PRW sells for $399.99.

At Jenny’s Sewing Studio we also offer a complete line of feet and accessories to work with your machine.  Click here to see our offering for the Brother line .

The Brother PC420 and PC210 are amazing! I highly recommend them.

Jennifer Friedel

Jenny’s Sewing Studio
Salisbury, MD

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