Candlewick embroidery at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Have you ever tried candlewick embroidery?  The finished results are beautiful.

This week Jenny’s Sewing Studio is offering a free embroidery design for you to try. It is a candlewick 3-D flower. I will post the flower for one week starting on 09/12/10.   Instructions on how to make the flower embroidery are at the top of the page. You will need a white or colored organza and a thread color for your knots. You can even use regular thread.

This week I am also offering candlewicking video and the pillow design. You also get the candlewick knot and  the dogwood embroidery. The knot makes it possible for you to design your own embroidery.  The design is in XXX, PES and Singer Futura size FHE format. You can purchase the entire set for $10.00.  Everything is ready  for you to download and embroider.  The designs will be available for one week this way. Purchase through the cart and I will send you a unique password. The password will be available for only one week . Please use the password responsibly.

 I am currently working to load lessons for all software and machines. Stay tuned for more free offers and upcoming lessons.

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