Choosing the right sewing machine to buy

girlmachine4268207.jpg Picking a new sewing machine may seem like a no brainer to some, but to the majority of those searching for a new sewing machine; the task can be pretty daunting. I have been selling sewing machines but over half of my life so I feel I can add some expertise to the subject of picking a new sewing machine.

In sales we were taught to ask 3 questions to help categorize the shopper and help keep the search easier then looking at every offering.

  1. 1. Ask yourself what price you would like to spend. Have a maximum high figure.
  2. Know the features you would really like to own in a new sewing machine.

2. Features include things like buttonholer, needle up and down, threader, easy to use, hemming, sews denim, accessories, weight, number of stitches or whatever you are looking for.

  1. Tell the salesperson what machines you have own now because it gives them a benchmark of where to start.

Do not let sales people make you look at the wrong thing or put doubt and fear in your mind about products. Here are a few favorite techniques for seeding doubt.

  • 1. It’s made of plastic. Most manufactures’ today place a non breakable plastic cover over a metal casting. This reduces the weight of the product and makes it more durable. The sewing machine is the part inside, not the cover, so do not go around tapping on machines. I know of no plastic machines unless it is a toy.
  • 2. The brand or company is going out of business. A lot of companies are merging today and that includes SINGER. Right now SINGER, Pfaff and Viking are one company call SVP. They all retain separate trade names and brands.
  • 3. Splashy features that do little to help you sew. Some companies sell on a specific feature. Try the feature yourself and make sure it is what is claimed.
  • 4. Mechanical old fashion machines are not better than electronic machines. If you are indeed a sewer you will want the ease of operation and the availability of more stitches without cams. Older is not always better. I ask customers if they have ever sat in an older car made in the 60’s and tried to start it and drive it. Now get in a car made today with climate control and a fuel injection starter and comfortable seating. Which would they rather drive?

Here are things you really need to look at.

  • 1. Make sure to buy from a knowledgeable dealer who will be there to answer questions.
  • 2. Look for classes on the product
  • 3. Look for the availability of parts and accessories

Know yourself and your skills and be honest about what you think you will do with a new sewing machine. Always spend the maximum you can and buy the best features for the price. In today’s market place there are entry level embroidery and sewing machines that can give you lot’s of enjoyment for years to come and you do not have to break the bank to get a new machine that has these features. If you think that you may want to embroidery someday and you see your self making gifts for family and friends that are a true reflection of yourself, then an embroidery and sewing machine combo is for you. Spend as little as $599.99 to own one. We will talk about the SINGER futura later.

If you see yourself as a quilter who wants a dependable machine that is portable and easy to use then the Touch and Sew, Curvy or Inspiration line is a great bet. Quilter’s like features like needle up and down, an automatic threader, a patchwork foot and a walking foot. Quilter’s also want to be able to free motion to quilt the quilt. Most of the feet can be purchase later for any of the SINGER machines we mentioned.

For the beginner I recommend spending enough to buy an electronic machine. We sell several low priced electronic under $399 that offers lots of features but most important are easy to use and understand. Electronics give you one touch sewing. You do not need an instruction manual to operate this product, just a finger to touch the button. It’s so easy.

I hope some of these thoughts will help you with your next machine purchase. Jenny’s Sewing Studio has 26 years of sewing machine experience in sales and Jenny has 10 additional years working for the SINGER company to aid you. If you decide you would like to purchase from us find us at:

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