Creative feet make the perfect Satinedge foot

Create the perfect satin stitch edge with the Satinedge foot from creative feet. Look at the beautiful stitch on the applique to the left.  Click on the picture to make it larger. The guide helps you to keep your placement of the satin stitch perfect. Depending on the width of the stitch you can make slight adjustment to the guide position. You may also notice the clear view of your decorative stitch using the satin stitch foot. 

Set your machine on zig-zag. Place the stitch width on a width of 3 to 4 .  Set the length on 3 to 4 for the best satin stitch setting. I always try a base fabric sample using  a fuse and tear stabilizer to support the fabric. 

To prepare the fabric for appliqué I use a fusible web to bond the appliqué fabric to the base fabric. The webbing is usually paper backed so you have one side to draw on. I draw on the web side with a permanent marker. Fuse the webbing using the paper side to the wrong side of the appliqué fabric. Peel the paper off. Cut out shapes. The drawing of the shape transfers to the appliqué fabric. Next step is to bond with an iron.  Another way to appliqué is to use the blanket or “E” stitch as your edge. Depending on the project you are working on you can increase the stitch length and width to be proportional. I usually set my width and length at 2.5.

The satin edge foot also has another great use. As you see from the pictures you can use it as an edge stitcher. Quilt or top stitch a perfect and even distance from the edge of a seam.  The adjustable guide and narrow wire make this possible.

The creative feet are made for any machine. The foot comes with 4 shanks so you are sure to find the one to fit. Also make sure you look at the complete set of Creative feet available

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